These are all new presskits; most have never been opened. They are folders with 8x10 photos, press releases, a production handbook, other publicity, etc.

Another 48 Hours Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte. Five 8x10 B&W glossies plus production folder with this one. $10.00

Best Defense. Dudley Moore, Kate Capshaw, guest star Eddie Murphy. No photos. Production handbook only. 26 pages. $3.00

Bloodline. (Sidney Sheldon...1979) Audrey Hepburn's return to the screen!! With Ben Gazzara, James Mason, Irene Papas, Romy Schneider, Omar Sharif, Beatrice Straight and Gert Frobe. Production handbook plus Fourteen 8x10 B/W glossies! TWO great shots of Hepburn alone...looking beautiful. Shots of Schneider. One group shot showing Sharif, Papas, Gazzara, Mason, Schneider and Hepburn. $25.00.

Blue Thunder. Roy Scheider, Warren Oates, Candy Clark, Malcolm McDowell. 20-30 pages of production info plus EIGHTEEN 8x10 B/W glossies including a nice photo of Director John Badham. ALSO a large cardboard cut-out of a blue helicopter not assembled. Still in the cellophane wrapping. $20.00 (SOLD)

Brain DonorsJohn Turturro, Bob Nelson, Mel Smith. Two 8x10 B&W glossies plus production handbook. Still in folder. Never been opened. $4.95

A Chorus Line. Michael Douglas. Columbia, 1985. Nine different pieces on director, stars, producer, choreographer, composer, etc. Also nineteen 8x10 B/W photos. Beautiful full color cover on folder. $40.00 (SOLD)

Coast to Coast. Dyan Cannon, Robert Blake, Michael Lerner. Production handbook plus EIGHT 8x10 B/W glossies. $7.50 (SOLD)

Days of Heaven. Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shephard and Linda Manz. Thirteen pages of production info plus FIFTEEN 8x10 B/W phtos. $15.00 (SOLD)

Destiny Turns on the Radio. Quentin Tarantino, Nancy Travis, James Belushi, James LeGros, Dylan McDermott. 15-20 pages of production info plus ten 8x10 B/W photos. Excellent shot of Tarantino as "Destiny", holding radio in one hand as though reciting, "Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well." $20.00

Dragonslayer. Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke, Ralph Richardson, John Hallam. Production handbook plus two programs (single-fold) in beautiful color and THIRTEEN 8x10 B/W photos. $9.00 (SOLD)

Elephant Man. John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, John Gielgud, Anne Bancroft, Wendy Hiller. Production handbook, numerous publicity/background stories. Thirteen 8x10 B/W photos. $15.00 (SOLD)

Escape from Alcatraz. Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan, Fred Ward, and Danny Glover as an "inmate". Production handbook plus 30-40 additional pages of BG information. FIFTEEN 8x10 B/W glossies!! $20.00

Eye For An Eye Sally Field, Keifer Sutherland, Ed Harris. 13 8x10 B&W glossies, plus production handbook. Mint, never used. $15.00

Fame This is an advertising supplement to Variety. It is approx. 11x14 and in mint condition. It is a single-fold with pics of Irene Cara and group on front and inside a whole group posed in front of George M. Cohan statue in NYC. Back has SIX color photos of various sizes of shots from the movie. I have saved this since 1980. $10.00

Falling in Love. Robt. DeNiro, Meryl Streep. Paramount, 1984. Handbook and sixteen 8x10 B/W photos. Also two movie passes for preview showing. $10.00

Fast Forward. John Scott Clough, Don Franklin, Tamara Mark. 25-30 pages of production info plus two 8x10 B/W photos. $4.50

Fire in the Sky. Paramount, 1993. Handbook and four 8x10 B/W photos. Also three 3x5 cards promoting Sci-Fi/USA Sweepstakes. $10.00

48 Hours. Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte. Production handbook and twelve 8x10 B/W photos. $17.50 (SOLD)

Fright Night starring Roddy MDowell, Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale. Three 8x10 B&W glossies plus production information. All mint, never used. $4.95

Funny About Love Gene Wilder, Christine Lahti, Mary Stuart Masterson. Three 8x10 B&W glossies plus production handbook. Mint, never used. $4.95

Ghandi. Ben Kingsley, Candace Bergen, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, Martin Sheen, John Mills. 30-40 pages of production information plus FIFTEEN 8x10 B/W photos. Also an invitation to Chicago Benefit Premiere on behalf of the United States Committee for UNICEF with Danny Kaye and Hugh Downs. Invitation has full color photo on front showing Ghandi surrounded by a huge crowd. $20.00

Heaven's Gate Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt, Same Waterston, Brad Dourif, Isabelle Huppert, Jeff Bridges and Joseph Cotten. NOTE: This is an advertising supplement to Variety...ten pages of fantastic photos of scenes from the movie and close-ups of the stars! This is approx. 11x14 in size. Mint tears...spine intact.$10.00

I.Q. Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau, Tim Robbins. Production handbook only. Seventeen pages with at least 13 very good photos inside. No 8x10 separate glossies. $6.00

Jennifer 8. Andy Garcia, Uma Thurman, John Malkovich. Production handbook plus four 8x10 B/W photos...including great close-up of Uma and TWO close-ups of Andy. The other photo is the two of them. Beautiful full color cover with close-ups of Uma and Andy. $8.50

King David. Richard Gere. Paramount, 1985. Handbook and twenty 8x10 B/W photos. $12.50

Ladybugs Rodney Dangerfield. Four 8x10 B&W glossies plus production handbook. Mint, never opened. $4.95

Lassie. Richard Farnsworth. Press kit with color cover w/CU of Lassie. Inside is a production handbook filled with photos from the film. No individual 8x10 glossies. $5.00

Leap of Faith. Steve Martin, Debra Winger, Liam Neeson. Paramount, 1992. Handbook and five 8x10 B/W photos. $9.00

Lightning Jack. Paul Hogan, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Beverly D'Angelo. 20-30 pages of production info plus five 8x10 B/W photos. Gorgeous full color photo of Hogan on cover with gun, D'Angelo on one side and Gooding on the other. $8.50

The Lords of Discipline. David Keith, Judge Reinhold, Bill Paxton. Production handbook plus TWELVE 8x10 B/W glossies.$5.00

Losing Isaiah. Jessica Lange, Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding, Jr. Production handbook plus five 8x10 B/W photos. $7.00

Love and Death. Woody Allen, Diane Keaton. Includes United Artists press book with lots of photos and stories. Additional production info plus five 8x10 B/W photos. No folder. $9.00

Mickie and Maude. Dudley Moore, Amy Irving, Ann Reinking. Columbia, 1984. Production info and three 8x10 B/W photos. $7.00

Nijinsky. Alan Bates, Leslie Brown, George De La Pena. Handbook of Production Information plus other production info. Thirteen B/W 8x10 photos. Beautiful B/W engraving on front of press kit showing the three main characters. $20.00 (SOLD)

Nobody's Fool Paul Newman, Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith Six 8x10 B&W glossies plus production handbook. Brand new, never used. $15.00

No Escape. Ray Liotta, Stuart Wilson, Kevin Dillon. Beautiful full color cover with CU of Liotta with gun and Ernie Hudson and Kevin Dillon behind him. At least 30 pages of production information plus five 8x10 B/W photos. $7.50

Oliver's Story. Candice Bergen, Ryan O'Neal. Handbook with numerous other pieces of publicity info. Fourteen 8x10 B/W photos. $15.00

A Passage to India. David Lean's last film. Columbia, 1984. Handbook and three 8x10 B/W photos. $10.00

Perfect. John Travolta, Jamie Lee Curtis. Columbia, 1985. Three 8x10 B/W photos. $8.00

Players. Ali McGraw, Dean-Paul Martin (Dean Martin's son who is now deceased). Also starring Maximillian Schell. Production handbook plus 20-30 pages of additional production info AND FIFTEEN 8x10 B/W glossies. Included are shots of tennis greats Pancho Gonzales and Ilie Nastase. $15.00

Prophecy. Directed by John Frankenheimer with Talia Shire, Robt. Foxworthy, Armand Assante. 30-40 pages of production info plus Fourteen 8x10 B/W glossies. $12.00

The Razor's Edge. Bill Murray. Columbia, 1984. Production info. plus three 8x10 B/W photos. $6.50

Rollerball. James Caan, John Houseman, Maud Adams. 30-40 pages of production info plus three 8x10 B/W photos. $10.00 (SOLD)

Rough Cut. Burt Reynolds, Lesley-Anne Down, David Niven. Handbook plus MANY other pieces of info. Ten 8x10 B/W photos. $6.00

Rustler's Rhapsody. Tom Berenger, Marilu Henner. No photos. Production handbook only. $3.00

Short Cuts. Altman film. This is a program only. Entire cast and credits are on the back. Inside are color photos from the film with a description of the plot. $3.00

The Silver Bullet. Stephen King. Gary Busey, Everett McGill. Production handbook. No photos in the handbook. Background info on Stephen King as well as each cast member. No other photos. $5.00

Smile. Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon, Michael Kidd. 20-30 pages of production info plus seven photos. BEAUTIFUL photo of a VERY YOUNG Melanie Griffith in bathing suit. No folder. $8.50

Sunburn. Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Charles Grodin, Art Carney,Joan Collins. Production handbook plus TWELVE 8x10 B/W of which features Joan Collins. $8.50

S.O.B. Blake Edwards production. Julie Andrews, William Holden, Richard Mulligan, Larry Hagman, Robert Preston, Loretta Swit, Shelley Winters, Robert Vaughn. Handbook of production info plus FIFTEEN 8x10 B/W photos including one showing entire cast. Beautiful folder with nice logo on front in color. $12.00

Startrek Generations. Patrick Stewart, William Shatner. Paramount, 1994. Handbook with numerous photos. No 8x10 photos. $5.00

Sliver. Sharon Stone, Tom Berenger, Alec Baldwin. Paramount, 1994. Handbook with seven 8x10 B/W photos. $10.00

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone in 3-D. Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald. Tons of production info. Includes explanation of how 3-D works...COLOR comic book illustrated by Jerry Bingham... Thirteen 8x10 B/W photos. (SOLD)

Spring Break. David Knell, Perry Lang, Paul Land, Steve Bassett, Richard B. Shull and 1982's "Penthouse Pet of the Year", Corinne Alphen. 20-30 pages of production info plus TEN 8x10 B/W glossies. $9.00 (SOLD)

The Temp. Timothy Hutton, Lara Flynn Boyle, Oliver Platt, Faye Dunaway. Production handbook and five 8x10 B/W photos. Full color cover featuring Boyle with legs crossed, taking dictation. $7.00

Thief of Hearts. Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, John Getz, George Wendt. Production handbook only. No photos. Background info on movie and stars. $3.00

The Two Jakes Jack Nicholson, Madeline Stowe, Meg Tilly, Harvey Keitel. Four 8x10 b&W glossies plus production handbook. This is mint and has a beautiful color cover on the folder. $9.99.

Wayne's World 2. Myers, Carvey, plus Kim Basinger, Tia Carerra, Chris Farley, etc. There are 18 photos in this press kit and it is brand new...also a production handbook. $9.99

The Walking Dead. Allen Payne, Eddie Griffin, Joe Morton. Production handbook plus nine 8x10 B/W photos. $5.50

Whispers in the Dark. Annabella Sciorra, Jamey Sheridan, Jill Clayburgh, Alan Alda. Production handbook plus six 8x10 B/W photos. $7.00

White Nights. Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines. Three 8x10 B&W glossies, plus production information. $7.50

Witness. Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis. Production handbook only. 30 photos. $3.00

Xanadu This is an advertising supplement from Variety...11x14 in mint condition. A single-fold with an absolutely gorgeous color head shot of Olivia Newton-John on inside. Back has photo of John, Gene Kelly and Michael Beck. $10.00

Watch this space! More are coming.


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