Way back in 1999 Bill Kelly wrote the screenplay for one of my favorite movie comedies, Blast from the Past. He never wrote another script for a movie until this year. What has he been doing from 1999 to 2007? I don't know. Perhaps he just emerged from his underground sanctuary with his second movie script. A lot of advances have occurred since 1999. Many improvements have been made. However Bill Kelly's writing is not one of them. If anything, he's regressed.

The plot of Premonition is confusing to say the least. Bullock is happily married to Julian MacMahon. One day a Sheriff shows up at her door to tell her her husband has been killed in an automobile accident. Naturally she is devastated. However the next morning she awakens to find her husband drinking coffee in the kitchen. This sort of thing continues. One day he's alive, the next he's dead. She goes to a Priest and a psychiatrist who both offer nothing but meaningless gibberish. She tries to figure out a way to intervene and save his life. Then she discovers he was on the verge of an affair with an office co-worker. She now wonders if he is worth saving.

The only saving grace of this movie is Sandra Bullock. She tries valiantly to salvage this train wreck. She does succeed in arousing your sympathy and holding your attention, but that's not enough. Frankly I'd rather watch a re-run of Groundhog Day than try to wade through this mass of confusion.






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