These are hard-cover books printed on the occasion of the release of a film. They are like novels except they have photos from the movie throughout as well as on the dust jacket. Naturally copies with dust jackets are the most valuable. Prices vary according to condition, title of the film and rarity of the edition.


All listed below have dust jackets...

Other photoplay editions without dust jackets are listed below following those with dust jackets. I will be happy to send you a scan of a dust jacket to show you it's condition. I will also be honest in describing the condition of the book and the dust jacket.

The following are all hard cover except as noted. All with dust jackets For pricing... please contact me at...

Adventure, Clark Gable, Greer Garson (1945) (3 pix inside plus end papers)

The Adventures of Mark Twain, Fredric March (1946)

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Harry Myers (1922) NOTE: This is a hard cover book approx. 7" x 10"...entitled, "The Universal Film Company Special Movie Edition" Published by M.A. Donohue & Co. Color photo of Crusoe is printed on cover. Ten photos inside...some black and white, some in color.

The Age for Love, Billie Dove (1931)(4 pix inside)

All This and Heaven Too, Bette Davis (1940) (7 pix inside)

Aloma of the South Seas, Gilda Gray (1926)( 7 pix inside)

Anna and the King of Siam, Irene Dunne (1946)(DJ only, no pix inside)

Arrowsmith, Ronald Colman (1931) (4 pix inside)

Back to God's Country, Neil Shipman (1919)(4 pix inside)

Barabbas, Anthony Quinn (1962)

Beau Geste, Ronald Colman (1926)(4 pix inside)

The Bells of St. Mary's, Bing Crosby (1945)(22 pix inside)

The Best in Life (or Fifth Avenue Models), Mary Philbin (1925)(6 pix inside)

Beau Ideal, Ralph Forbes (1927)(7 pix inside)

Ben Hur, Bushman, Novarro (1925)(8 pix inside)

Benson Murder Case, William Powell (1930)( 4 pix inside)

The Bitter Tea of General Yen, Barbara Stanwyck (1930)(4 pix inside)

The Big Sleep (Not combined with Farewell My Lovely) (1946)

The Black Pirate, Douglas Fairbanks (1926)( 6 pix in color inside)

Blood Ship, Richard Arlen (1927)( 6 pix inside)

The Broadway Melody, Bessie Love (1929)( 8 pix inside)

The Case of Sergeant Grischa, Chester Morris (1930)( 4 pix inside)( 5 pix plus end papers)

Centennial Summer, Linda Darnell (1946)

City for Conquest, James Cagney (1940)

Claudia and David, D. McGuire (Pic on DJ, no pix inside) (1946)

Cluny Brown, Jennifer Jones (1946)(Pic on DJ, no pix inside)

Daisy Kenyon, Joan Crawford (1947)( Pic on DJ only, no pix inside)

Daddy Long-Legs, Janet Gaynor (1931)( 4 pix inside)

Dark Waters, Merle Oberon (1944)

The Eagle's Mate, Mary Pickford (1913)( 7 pix inside including 2 double speads and end papers)

Fighting Back, Billy Sullivan (1917)( 7 pix inside)

Fighting Blood,(1923)( 4 pix inside)

Four Sons, Margaret Mann (1928)( 8 pix inside)

General Crack, John Barrymore (1929)( 8 pix inside including one double spread, tinted)

The Golden Snare, Lewis Stone (1921)( 6 pix inisde)

Great Expectations, John Mills, Alec Guiness (1947) (8 pix inside)

The Great John L., Linda Darnell (1945) ( 3 pix inside)

Hangover Square, Laird Cregar (DJ photo but no pix inside) (1945)

The Harvey Girls, Judy Garland (1946) (4 pix plus end papers)

Home, Sweet Homicide, Randolph Scott (1946) (DJ only, no pix inside)

Hour Before Dawn, F. Tone, V. Lake (1944) (DJ only, no pix inside)

The Housekeeper's Daughter, Joan Bennett (1939) (DJ only)

Humoresque, John Garfield (1946) ( 5 pix plus 6 on end papers)

The Iron Horse, J. Farrell McDonald (1924)( 8 pix inside)

I Take This Woman, Gary Cooper (1927) (4 pix inside)

Janice Meredith, Marion Davies (1924)( 8 pix inside)

King of Kings, H.B. Warner (1927)(12 pix inside)

The King and I, Gertrude Lawrence (Broadway edition)

Kitty, Paulette Goddard (1945)( 4 pix plus end papers)

Legion of the Condemned, Gary Cooper (1928)( 8 pix inside)

Little Women, K. Hepburn (1933) (DJ only, no photos inside)

Little Old New York, Marion Davies (1923)( 10 pix inside)

Light in the Clearing, Clara Horton (1921)( 4 pix inside)

Lost Horizon, Ronald Colman (1936) (DJ and end papers only)

Lummox, Winnifred Westover, Ben Lyon (1930)( 4 pix inside)

Madame X, Ruth Chatterton (1929)

Mildred Pierce, Joan Crawford (1945) ( 2 pix plus end papers)

Monsieur Beaucaire, Rudolph Valentino (1924) NOTE: This is a "Rudolph Valentino Edition"...6 pix, 2 end papers, sepia.

The Nervous Wreck, Harrison Ford II,Chester Conklin (1926)( 8 pix inside)

Noah's Ark, George O'Brien (1928) 15 pix, sepia

Now Voyager, Bette Davis (1942) (DJ only, no pix inside)

Old Ironsides, George Bancroft (1926)(8 pix inside)

One Minute to Play, Harold "Red" Grange (1926) NOTE: Autographed by Harold M. Sherman, the author) (8 pix inside)

Our Dancing Daughters, Joan Crawford (1928)(8 pix inside)

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Edw. G. Robinson (1945)

Passion Flower, Kay Francis (1930) (4 pix inside)

Playthings of Desire, Estelle Taylor (1924)(3 pix inside)

The Postman Always Rings Twice, Lana Turner (1946)(DJ only - no pix inside)

Queen Christina, Garbo, Gilbert (1933) (16 pix on end papers)

Radio Detective, Jack Daugherty (1925)(4 pix inside)

The Razor's Edge, Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter (1946)(DJ only - no pix inside)

The Rescue, Ronald Coleman (1921) (8 pix inside)

Rebecca, Olivier, Fontaine (1940) (Paperback-14 pix inside)

Rio Rita, Bebe Daniels (1929) (4 pix inside)

The Saint in New York, Louis Hayward (1938) (DJ only, no pix inside)

The Sea Beast (Moby Dick), John Barrymore (1925)(8 pix inside)

The Sea Hawk, Milton Sills (1924)(8 pix inside)

Sign of the Cross, Claudette Colbert, F. March (1932)(16 pix on end papers)

Simple Souls, Blanche Sweet (1920)(3 pix inside)

Sorrell and Son, Anna Q. Nilsson (1927)

Song of Bernadette, Jennifer Jones (1944)(3 pix inside)

The Squaw Man, Warner Baxter (1930)(4 pix inside)

Steele of the Royal Mounted, Bert Lytell (1925)(4 pix inside)

Susannah of the Mounties, Shirley Temple (1939)(12 pix, 10 of which are double pages. Also a gallery of head shots of Shirley inside front and inside back)

The Ten Commandments, Richard Dix (1924)(8 pix plus 4 on end papers)

Till the End of Time, Dorothy McGuire (1944) (DJ only)

Tomorrow is Forever, Orson Welles, C. Colbert (1946)(3 pix inside plus double photo on inside front and inside back)

The Volga Boatman, William Boyd (1926)(8 pix inside)

The White Cliffs of Dover, Irene Dunne (1940)DJ photo only no pix inside.

Wildfire, (When Romance Rides) Jean Hersholt (1922) There are 4 pix inside, two are photos, two are prints of paintings.

Wings, Arlen, Rogers, Bow (1927) (15 pix plus end papers, dust jacket is photocopied)

Winged Victory, Jeanne Crain (1944) (DJ only, no pix inside)

Wolf of Wall Street, George Bancroft (1929)(8 pix inside)

The Yearling, Gregory Peck (1938)(DJ only, full back cover)


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Aloma of the South Seas

All This and Heaven Too (2)

America: or The Sacrifice

Ben Hur

The Black Pirate

The Broadway Melody

Cobra, (Valentino)

The Canary Murder Case

Carolyn of the Corners

The Clansman (2)

Come Out of the Kitchen

Daddy Long Legs

The Dawn of Tomorrow

Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Duel in the Sun


The Foreign Legion (The Red Mirage)

Frankenstein (SOLD)

The Freshman

The Gaucho

General Crack

The Great John L.

Hangman's House

House of a 1000 Candles

If Winter Comes

If I Were King

The Iron Horse

The King and I

The King of Kings


The Leather Pushers

The Little Minister

Little Old New York

Little Women

Their Mad Moment



Mildred Pierce

The Miracle Man

Monsier Beaucaire (Valentino)

Old Clothes (Coogan) (paperback)

Rio Rita (2)


The Singing Fool and The Story of Sonny Boy

The Snob

State Fair

The Ten Commandments

Three Weeks

Trader Horn

Trail of the Lonesome Pine (thin book, Lynn Publishing)

Wanderer of the Wasteland

Watch on the Rhine



The following all have dust jackets with photos of the star on the cover...

Judy Garland and the Hoodoo Costume

  • Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlet Cloak

  • Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx

  • John Payne and the Menace at Hawk's Nest

  • Jane Withers and the Swamp Wizard

  • Ann Rutherford and the Key to Nightmare Hall

  • Nina and Skeezix: The Problem of the Lost Ring (With D.J.)

    The Lone Ranger and the Mystery Ranch

    Polly the Powers Model: The Puzzle of the Haunted Camera

    Joyce of the Secret Squadron (Captain Midnight)


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