Although the story for this film is based on a best seller, there is a feeling we have seen this plot before.  You know, the fresh-faced college girl (Anne Hathaway) goes out to face the real world for the first time?  Against all odds she gets a job most young women "would kill for." She becomes an assistant to Miranda (Meryl Streep), who is the powerful editor in chief of Runway Magazine.  Runway is THE number one fashion magazine..  Streep takes one glance at this hapless young woman who still dresses like a college girl, and guess what?  She hires her on the spot!

If you haven't already put yourself in a state of suspended reality, you'd better do it quick.  Because Andy (Hathaway) rapidly transforms herself into not only a fashion plate, but the best assistant Miranda ever had!  Ah, but that is what movies are all about...isn't it?   We love to see improbable situations turn into dreams come true.

The movie is well cast, with Streep's portrayal of a woman who has sold her soul to her job practically guaranteeing her another Oscar nomination.  Hathaway, who you may remember from "The Princess Diaries" and "Brokeback Mountain," is solid as the college kid dramatically converted and more than willing to sell her soul to get ahead.  Incidentally Hathaway has "Bette Davis Eyes."  It's almost distracting to look at her as her eyes widen into big white pools.

One of the best character actors to come along in recent years is Stanley Tucci.  His talent knows no bounds.  He can do anything.  In this film, he is Miranda's number one fashion maven who shows he has a heart by helping Andy transform herself.  There is nothing really new in this plot.  There is even the obligatory scene where we finally see Miranda with her guard down and discover she is really human.  

The best reason to see this film is Meryl Streep (and perhaps Tucci).  Streep (with silver hair) still looks good and still commands the screen.  With ten Oscar nominations and one win ("Sophie's Choice"), this could be Streep's eleventh nomination and...her second Oscar?






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