In 1944 Otto Preminger directed Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price, and Judith Anderson in one of the greatest murder mysteries in the history of film.. Laura has Dana Andrews as a detective investigating the murder of a beautiful woman. As his investigation progresses, he reads her diary and is intrigued by a painting of her. He finds himself falling in love with a dead woman.

In Deja Vu Denzil Washington is a federal agent who is investigating what looks like a terrorist bombing. This tragedy took the lives of over 500 people including a beautiful woman (Paula Patton). During the course of his investigation, Washington finds he is falling in love with her. This is helped considerably by the fact he is able to view the last days of her life with the help of a "time warp" machine invented by Val Kilmer and Adam Goldberg. In Laura Gene Tierney is resurrected because she didn't really die. In Deja Vu Paula Patton is resurrected in a unique and somewhat unbelievable way. Yes, this movie does border on science fiction. But the director, Tony Scott, and the writers make the impossible seem almost plausible.

Jim Caviezel, in a 180 degree turn from the title role in "The Passion of Christ," plays a mad bomber. Washington, turns in a convincing performance as usual, almost making us believe that what is happening is not so impossible. Washington also participates in a car chase, the likes of which have certainly never been seen in a movie before. Using a portable "time machine," he chases the mad bomber's car which was actually on the road four days earlier. Well let's just say this could be an entertaining movie for those of you who do not care about plausibility. It does hold your attention, but it also strains credulity.






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